Team up Sri Lanka

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All Sri Lankan industries have gone through setting up startups and growing them to great success over the years, many of them while the war was going on – we all know how difficult it was but all intelligent intellectuals took it very seriously and played their most important roles. By the time the war ended, they were ready to take our industries to next level because they never gave up while the war continued and despite the political drama and selfish international bodies who tried destroying our motherland. Let me remind you this, our generation and the generation before that, went through a difficult and a painful time period from 1983 to 2009 incidents occurred, many of us are parents today! everybody knows how hard and how painful every second we all spent that time period. It’s time, let’s get together to rebuild Sri Lanka, let’s unite let’s only worry about those who need help to recover. As entrepreneurs, Our role is to get all investments and keep moving forward, we will never take a step back developing ourselves and this one of a kind beautiful country with most beautiful souls. Let’s speak out to rest of the world to come and join hands to grow with us, this country has great potential, big brains who have done great innovations – we must be proud to have intellectuals like them, thank you so much for still having faith on this country! Team up Sri Lanka! and work with international communities to come to Sri Lanka. We will be successful for sure if we work together.